Impress clients, increase productivity, improve communication:

Where competence meets quality –All of englishCrossroads’ staff continually strive to meet the individual expectations of our clients with reliability and appropriate training material of the highest quality.

To realize this aim, we combine our strengths in listening, analyzing, presenting and training with the high quality of our job, company and industry specific materials, which we tailor to each individual English course. Therefore, our goal is to meet the expectations of every client and participant and to make an impact at every turn.

Increase your productivity - As everyone knows, time is money. Therefore we understand that our courses aren’t merely foreign language courses, but above all they are designed to increase the productivity of the course participants. Through goal-oriented lessons, which include material from occupational and vocational fields, we guarantee that our participants will quickly experience increased confidence, speed and accuracy when using the target language within their area of expertise.

In so doing, we help our clients quickly increase the motivation and performance of their staff, through which their (international) competitiveness can be markedly improved.

Enhance global communication – englishCrossroads understands languages to be the most important medium, though which principles such as inter-cultural communication, integration and cosmopolitanism can be achieved. To this aim, we seek to meaningfully contribute to improving the way regional enterprises and their employees communicate at an international level.